About GRLAuctions

The Global Reverse Logistics Capital Asset Retirement Program supports the sustainability efforts by managing asset retirement through the liquidation of used fixtures and equipment from stores and clubs. Auction items could include: glass showcases, metal shelving, warehouse racks, floor care equipment, apparel racks, trash compactors, balers, forklifts and material handling equipment.

An On-Line (Timed) Auction provides buyers from across the globe the opportunity to view and purchase all types of used assets.  These assets are gathered by Walmart Stores and liquidated by the following means:

  1. Direct Sales from store or club locations – There are times when stores or clubs will have a large piece of equipment which will be sold at store level. These items will be sold directly from the store or club location.  Examples include automotive equipment such as swing arm or pad lifts, and material handling equipment such as forklifts and warehouse racking.
  2. Full Store Liquidation – When a store or club is relocated, the used fixtures/equipment will remain on-site to be liquidated as a complete store.
  3. Warehouse Liquidation – When there are stores or clubs that have multiple smaller items which need to be sold, these items will be delivered to a warehouse location and sold with items from other stores and clubs.

GRLAuctions is the Official Site for the Global Reverse Logistics Capital Asset Retirement Program.